History of 
Walking Tour
End Your Tour in the Middleton Family Private Garden with Refreshments
Anne's walking tour lasts 2 hours.  You will wind your way through the historic district, and end in her family's private garden with refreshments.  Anne's style is casual and comfortable as she introduces you to Charleston the only way she knows how, from a local perspective.
Her family traces back to the first boat that arrived from England in 1670.  Although today it may seem rare to meet a local Charlestonian, her youth was spent romping around the peninsula with children whose families had lived here for generations.  The city has changed dramatically over the last 300 years, but the bricks and mortar of these old buildings remain to help tell those tales.
Rediscover the Colonial Times, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the 20th Century changes from a local light.  Charleston has suffered peril from disease, wars, and bombardment.  The old buildings have not only survived, but the city has been identified as having the most historic landmarks than any other city in the US.  
Join Anne for the best way to re-introduce yourself to early American history in the streets of the Holy City.  Then relax after your stroll and peruse some books and memorabilia as you sip lemonade in a little oasis at 86 Church Street.  The home where Anne and her father were raised.