Colonial Walking Tours in Charleston,SC
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Ghost Hunt

The Ghost Hunt is a 90 min walk through the Historic district of Charleston, hunting the ghosts that are famous for Haunting this city. 

This unique tour takes you through historic Charleston's most infamous haunted locations. In the tranquility of the night, your guide explains the unearthly details of haunted Charleston. Will you see a ghost, spirit, poltergeist? Join us for an adventure into the unknown!

All tours are done by Candle light! 
All tours are done by licensed guides!

We are an Adults Only tour, no Children under the age of 12
Mention the Web and recieve $4 off every person
Price is $17 per Person

Tour Times
Monday -Sunday            7pm and 9pm
Fridays and Saturdays    7pm, 9pm and (10:45pm)
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