The History of Charleston Walking Tour
Walk with a 13th generation Middleton
End your Tour in the Middleton Family Private Garden
with Relics and Refreshments

A traveler is not a tourist.  A true traveler doesn't look for new lands, but looks at things with new eyes...

Welcome to Charleston!
(local? come along, you will fall in love with our city all over again!)
      Walk with a local and discover Charleston's pivotal role in American history. Discuss the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the buildings that have withstood centuries, and the eccentric characters that have occupied these homes for ages.  Make your way through the nooks and crannies of Charleston to get a real sense of the of the city's rich history.  End your tour in the Middleton Family Garden with refreshments.  The same garden was visited by Prince Charles in 1990.  There you can sit, sip, and reflect on eras long past.  The past will come alive through our passionate thought provoking tours.
Your Guides
Your Guide makes the difference in any tour.  The Middleton sisters are steeped in history of the city from the founding to today.  Sit back and listen as the tour unfolds, or engage and challenge them to create an exciting tour for the whole group.
Walk with Anne Middleton Herron to get a local perspective on a city rich in early American history.  As you stroll through the old walled city, you will be able to identify buildings dating back before the Revolutionary War.  History seems to come alive through the bricks and mortar that have withstood centuries. 
Walk with Martha Middleton Wallace, a talented, knowledgeable guide.  Martha has been a practicing archaeologist for 25 years.  Her unique perspective and information will leave you wanting more as you sit and sip lemonade and scan books in the courtyard.